On October 14, 2011, Daniel Trotter began a forty-day fast. He was consumed by the question and desperate to know, what do I do? After thirty days in the wilderness, God sent him home with an answer. It was, “Come back to Me.”

For decades, Daniel was held in thrall to alcohol, drugs, porn, and depression. He had friends, but life had lost all meaning.

During a radical thirty-day fast, Daniel encountered God – and great temptation. Afterward, he lost his wife, and his home, but he gained a new perspective – God’s. He went back to school and graduated with honors. God blessed him with a remarriage to someone who understands his heart and shares his faith. He has found peace and purpose.

Daniel found freedom in God’s love and in following God and living according to his precepts. Daniel’s memoir will show you how God can heal every physical, mental and emotional hurt and help you to become whole.


A Different Kind of Strong will take you on a spiritual journey. It is a real account of deliverance, a kind of Saint Augustine conversion from a life of sin to one of devotion to God. Readers are likely to draw comfort and inspiration from Daniel L. Trotter’s story and from the courage he shows by being willing to share it.  – Francesca R.


This story encourages readers to take a lesson from the valuable outcomes that Daniel had in overcoming his life’s obstacles. – Edward F.


Daniel’s story will keep readers engaged. The foreword and afterword help bind the story like bookends, ensuring that readers know that what they are about to enjoy is not a simple autobiography but a narrative of redemption. It took a great deal of endurance to turn his life around, but he never dwells on his own courage or strength but rather gives credit where credit is due—to God. While Daniel has made his way out of the wilderness, he has not forgotten what it was like to walk that lonely road.  – Sandra C.


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Daniel is also a singer and songwriter who has been writing songs of the heart for several years. After a thirty-day fast in the wilderness, songs came almost effortlessly. They have one purpose: to glorify God for his personal miracles. He cannot deny them, and he wants to do something to express his gratitude to our Father in heaven. 

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